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Merino Knitwear Inspired By Copenhagen

Winters in Denmark can be unforgiving. So we brace ourselves against the icy winds by cocooning our ears and necks in chunky scarves and warm beanies. Adding a touch of 'hygge' to our outdoor winter adventures.

Why we love Merino wool

Merino wool is breathable, moisture-repelling and warm like a cup of cocoa next to a fire. And thanks to its extra fine fibres it’s super soft with none of the itchiness associated with regular wool. There's no way around it, Merino wool is superior in every way to other fabrics. Which is why we've used it in this collection.

The Classic Beanie

No winter-warmer collection would be complete without this classic beanie. Merino wool and form fitting properties make this beanie a staple whether you're uptown or on a snowy mountainside.

The Frederick Scarf With Extended Front

The Frederick tube scarf is extra-long. So even when your jacket doesn't offer full protection, you can still keep those biting winds out and stay warm and snug.

Scarf and Beanie Bundles

Why only be a little warm? Beat the freeze with a scarf and beanie combo. We’ve matched and discounted them so you can bundle up and stay toasty.