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The Fido Hat Collection

We were visiting the small factory in Florence when the hat maker told us he’d been doing this for 40 years. We had to ask again, not sure we’d heard correctly through his heavy Italian accent. He was expertly shaping a hat over a wooden mould that could’ve been family heirloom. He was 57 years old, but looked 40 and was smiling like it was his first day on the job.

The Molise & Nappa

The Molise flat cap keeps the sun out of your eyes in 3 distinct models. Smart, practical and comfortable. Choose from deep red, sea blue and light grey. The Nappa cap takes full advantage of the collection’s Italian craftsmanship. Made from soft black leather that lasts for years. You can feel and smell the quality.

100% Wool Fedoras

Fedoras made from soft wool. Durable, breathable, and completely natural.

Local fabrics

Not only are the hats produced in Florence, Italy. But every single material and fabric is sourced locally as well. Ensuring quality products that are environmentally-friendly, because they haven’t travelled halfway across the globe.